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Studying Law at the University of Osnabrück

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Why Join Osnabrücks Faculty of Law?

Our Incoming Students can decide between numerous courses, mainly held in German and English.

The Osnabrück School of Law offers different kind of courses, which are lectures, practical preparation courses, seminars, colloquia and study groups.
Generally one can visit every kind of course. Nevertheless, we advise to visit mainly lectures, as they are the most comprehensive for foreign students.

You may see the School of Law’s current study/teaching offer here.

Language Requirements

For successful studies in German lectures, it is essential to have knowledge of German (minimum of B1-level).

Incomings and FFA

Furthermore, the School of Law offers numerous courses held in English, French, Spanish, Polish and Chinese. These courses are mainly part of the curriculum of the FFA (Fremdsprachliche Fachausbildung/ Foreign Language Education for Legal Practioners).
This optional 2-year program offers students the chance to gain an insight into the different legal systems of the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Spain, Poland and/or China.
The Constitutional, Private, Business and Administrative Law of the respective countries are imparted to the students. At the end of each course each semester a written exam will be held.
International students are allowed to attend these courses without any additional registration, as long as they have knowledge of the respective languages.

You may see the School of Law’s offer of legal courses in languages aside from German here

The list of foreign language courses in Stud.IP you can find here. (NOTE - StudIP is only accessible to enrolled students. See here for a list of courses taught in English as a .pdf)

ECTS Credits

In general, incoming/international students will not find any information on specific ECTS-credits for legal courses, as the German legal state examination is not based on the European Credit Transfer System.
Therefore, the School of Law rewards the attendance in ECTS depending on its SWS (Semesterwochenstunden/“hours per week per semester” ). The conversion is made up as follows:

1 SWS = 1 ECTS
2 SWS = 2 ECTS
3 SWS = 3 ECTS
4 SWS = 3 ECTS
5 SWS = 3, 5 ECTS
6 SWS = 4 ECTS

The visit of a lecture with an passed exam at the end of the lecture will be rewarded as follows:

1 SWS = 4 ECTS
2 SWS = 6 ECTS
3 SWS = 7 ECTS
4 SWS = 8 ECTS
5 SWS = 8, 5 ECTS
6 SWS = 9 ECTS