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Prof. Dr. Christoph Busch, Dr. Catalina Goanta, Dr. Katarzyna Kryla-Cudna, Monika Leszczynska(LLM) and Prof. Dr. mr. Vanessa Mak Should Data Shape Private Law?, Technology and Regulation 2022, 81-87.
Prof. Dr. Christoph Busch Updating EU Consumer Law for the Digital Subscription Economy, 11 Journal of European Consumer and Market Law 41-42 (2022).
Prof. Dr. Christoph Busch Regulating the Expanding Content Moderation Universe: A European Perspective on Infrastructure Moderation, 27 University of California Los Angeles Journal of Law & Technology 32-79 (2022).
Prof. Dr. Christoph Busch eIDAS 2.0 – Digital Identity Services in the Platform Economy, Centre on Regulation in Europe, Study for the Centre on Regulation in Europe, October 2022, 20 pp.
Prof. Dr. Oliver Dörr State Responsibility for climate change under EU and German Law, in: E. Schulev-Steindl u.a. (eds.), Climate Change. Responsibility and Liability, 2022, S. 299-311.
Prof. Dr. Thomas Groß Ein Meilenstein des erfundenen Europaverfassungsrechts: Das Lissabon-Urteil vom 30. Juni 2009, ZÖR 2022, 595-600.
Prof. Dr. Lars Leuschner und Tim Wöffen (LL.M.) Länderbericht zum deutschen Vereins- und Gemeinnützigkeitsrecht (comparative law study for EU Commission).


Authors Publication
Prof. Dr. Christoph Busch and Prof. Dr. mr. Vanessa Mak Putting the Digital Services Act in Context: Bridging the Gap Between EU Consumer Law and Platform Regulation, 10 Journal of European Consumer and Market Law 109-115 (2021).
Prof. Dr. Christoph Busch, Dr. Inge Graef, Prof. Dr. Jeanette Hofmann and Prof. Annabelle Gawer Uncovering blindspots in the policy debate on platform power, Study for the European Commission (DG CNECT), March 2021, 31 pp.
Prof. Dr. Christoph Busch Regulation of digital platforms as infrastructures for services of general interest, WISO-Diskurs 09/2021, Mai 2021, 29 pp.
Prof. Dr. Georg Gesk Legitimität der Elektronischen Persönlichkeit für KI-Systeme? (人工智慧享受電子人格的正當性), in: Chang Li-Ching (張麗卿) (Hrsg), Artificial Intelligence and Legal Challenges (人工智慧與法律挑戰), angle publ. (元照), 2021, S. 189-200.
Prof. Dr. Oliver Dörr Detention, Arbitrary, in: A. Peters/R. Wolfrum (eds.), Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law, online aktualisiert Juni 2021.
Prof. Dr. Jan Oster Code is Code and Law is Law. The Law of Digitalisation and the Digitalisation of Law, International Journal of Law and Information Technology (IJLIT) 29 (2021), 101 – 117.
Prof. Dr. Jan Oster On ‘Balancing’ and ‘Social Watchdogs’: The European Court of Human Rights as a Norm Entrepreneur for Freedom of Expression, in: Bollinger/Callamard (Hrsg.), Regardless of Frontiers. Global Freedom of Expression in a Troubled World, 2021 (Columbia University Press), 165 – 184.
Prof. Dr. Jan Oster Tambini, Media Freedom, Journal of Media Law 13 (2021), 276 – 278.


Authors Publication
Prof. Dr. Christoph Busch ヨーロッパにおけるオンライン仲介プラットフォームのための規制枠組みに向けて[Entwicklung eines Regulierungsrahmens für Online-Plattformen in Europa], in: Nakata et al. (eds.) Modernisation of European Private Law and Consumer Law and Developments in Japanese Private Law, Nihon Hyoronsha 2020, pp. 126-141.
Prof. Dr. Christoph Busch Self-Regulation and Regulatory Intermediation in the Platform Economy, in: Cantero Gamito/Micklitz (eds.) The Role of the EU in Transnational Legal Ordering: Standards, Contracts and Codes, Edward Elgar, Cheltenham 2020, pp. 115-134.
Prof. Dr. Christoph Busch Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in the Platform Economy, WISO-Diskurs 01/2020, 13 pp.
Prof. Dr. Christoph Busch, Prof. Dr. Gerhard Dannemann, Prof. Dr. Hans Schulte-Nölke, Prof. dr hab. Fryderyk Zoll The ELI Model Rules on Online Platforms, 9 Journal of Consumer and Market Law, 61-70 (2020).
Prof. Dr. Christoph Busch La mise en oeuvre de la personnalisation du droit: Les obligations d’information en droit de la consommation et la protection des données personnelles, in: G’sell (ed.) Le Big Data et le Droit, Dalloz, Paris 2020, pp. 155-176.
Prof. Dr. Christoph Busch The P2B Regulation (EU) 2019/1150: Towards a Procedural Turn in EU Platform Regulation?, 9 Journal of Consumer and Market Law 133-134 (2020).
Prof. Dr. Oliver Dörr Brexit – What It Is And What It Means, George Washington International Law Review 52 (2020), S. 1-11.
Prof. Dr. Georg Gesk Anti-terrorism in German Criminal Law System (ドイツにおける刑法と刑事訴訟法、テロリズム対策の概要 (テロ对策に関する国際フォ一ラム), 岡本美技訳), The Journal of Police Science (警察學論集), 2020, 第73卷, 第10号, S. 162-171.
Prof. Dr. Georg Gesk and Prof. Dr. Viola Schmid The (European) Artificial Intelligence (R)Evolution: Are Trustworthiness, Law, Ethics‚ and Robustness‚ Enough for (Re)Liability?, Internet Law Works-in-Progress, NY Law School, Santa Clara Law.
Prof. Dr. Georg Gesk Der Einfluß von Digitalisierung, Big Data und KI auf das Strafprozessrecht (數位化、大數據和人工智慧對刑事訴訟的衝擊), in: National University of Kaohsiung Law Journal (國立高雄大學法學院法學論叢), Vol. 15, Heft 2 (März 2020), S. 71-114.
Prof. Dr. Georg Gesk Das Chinesische Social Credit System – neue Formen der E-Governance zwischen Recht und Policy?, in: Erich Schwaighofer, Franz Kummer, Ahti Saarenpää (Hg.), IRIS 2020 – Verantwortungsbewußte Digitalisierung, Bern: Editions Weblaw, 2020, S. 413-418.
Prof. Dr. Thomas Groß Chronik Verfassungsrecht, Bundesrepublik Deutschland, European Review of Public Law (REDP/ERPL) 2020, 1463-1477.
Prof. Dr. Jan Oster Theories of reputation, in: Koltay/Wragg (Hrsg.), Research Handbook on Comparative Privacy & Defamation, 2020 (Edward Elgar), 48 – 64.
Prof. Dr. Jan Oster Kenyon/Scott (Hrsg.), Positive Free Speech. Rationales, Methods and Implications, Journal of Media Law 12 (2020), 129 – 131.


Authors Publication
Prof. Dr. Christoph Busch Towards Fairness and Transparency in the Platform Economy? A First Look at the P2B Regulation, in: Alberto De Franceschi and Reiner Schulze (eds.) Digital Revolution – New Challenges for Law, C.H.Beck 2019, pp. 57-74.
Prof. Dr. Christoph Busch 个性化经济中的算法规制和(不)完美执行 [Algorithmic Regulation and (In)Perfect Law Enforcement in the Personalized Economy.], 41 Global Law Review 5 (2019) [Journal of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences].
Prof. Dr. Christoph Busch Regulating Airbnb in Germany – Status Quo and Future Trends, 8 Journal of European Consumer and Market Law 39-41 (2019).
Prof. Dr. Christoph Busch When Product Liability Meets the Platform Economy: A European Perspective on Oberdorf v Amazon, 8 Journal of Consumer and Market Law 173-174 (2019).
Prof. Dr. Christoph Busch Implementing Personalized Law: Personalized Disclosures in Consumer Law and Data Privacy Law, 86 University of Chicago Law Review 309-331 (2019).
Prof. Dr. Oliver Dörr Nationality in: R. Wolfrum (ed.), Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law, online aktualisiert August 2019 .
Prof. Dr. Oliver Dörr The Strasbourg Approach to Evolutionary Interpretation, in: G. Abi-Saab/K. Keith/G. Marceau/C. Marquet (eds.), Evolutionary Interpretation and International Law, 2019, S. 115-121.
Prof. Dr. Georg Gesk, Prof. Dr. Viola Schmid (LL.M. Harvard) Voraussetzungen und Chancen des ‚Internet Court‘ in Hangzhou/China – ein Modell?, in: Erich Schwaighofer, Franz Kummer, Ahti Saarenpää (Hg.), IRIS 2019 – Internet of Things, Bern: Editions Weblaw, 2019, 425-430.
Prof. Dr. Thomas Groß „Does the Basic Law allow Germany to leave the European Union?“ European Review of Public Law (ERPL/REDP) 2019, 275-281.
Prof. Dr. Steffen Lampert Solidarité et politiques fiscales en Allemagne, in: La Solidarité, Traveaux de l´Association Henri Capitant, Bruxelles/Paris 2019, S. 773-788.